Las Vegas, Nevada-based EquityPR is one of the leading a-la-carte public relations firms in the nation with additional clients in England, Australia and Canada. 

EquityPR has a team of public relations professionals who work during the day at large firms and public relations agencies ready to handle your public relations needs. They work for us in the evening, after their professional day job, so you can get their experience that firms pay six figures for at an amazing price. 

EquityPR is part of The Write Solution, Inc. family of companies and is a registered trademark of that firm.
Executive Bios
Firm Profile
John Mitchell, MBA - Managing Partner
Mitchell is a former journalist and newsroom editor of several newspapers in the Western United States. He also has years of experience in public and investor relations as the managing partner of EquityPR

Anthony Timmons, Founder
Timmons has years of marketing and public relations experience with Fortune 500 firms before starting EquityPR. He is an entrepreneur and uses his unique experience and knowledge to drive results for his customers.